Introducing “Using WordPress”

fireworks at EpcotIn conjunction with AIR Austin, a competition to build accessible websites sponsored by Knowbility, I have created a new website to help people learn WordPress.

The site, Using WordPress, is not meant as a step-by-step tutorial, but as a brief overview of WordPress, with the goal of demystifying some of the elements of the platform. There is also a brief introduction to the architecture of WordPress with discussion on how to develop custom themes.

Currently, the site is broken down into two sections, ‘Basics’ and ‘Beyond the Basics’. The topics so far include the following:


  • Why WordPress?
  • Admin Panel
  • Pages & Posts
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Widgets

Beyond the Basics

  • WordPress Architecture
  • Template Hierarchy
  • WordPress Hooks
  • The ‘Loop’
  • Dashboard Editor
  • Child Theming
  • Themes for Development

There is also a brief introduction to Web Accessibility.

I’d love for people to visit the site and ask questions about any of the content there. As I hear from more people, I’ll add more information to the site.

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